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Our Innovated & Comprehensive Employee Assessment Platform will help your Organization Thrive

Finding and interviewing the right person for a position is one of the most challenging tasks of being a manager. Our employee assessment platform that takes the guesswork out of hiring and promoting. The candidate profile system is easy to use, and our user-friendly platform system ensures reliable access.

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Employee Assessment Platform

Advance your employees with our aptitude assessment

Our assessment system works for more than just hiring. Our aptitude assessment helps you:

  • Set your employees up for success: Give your workers a clear path for career advancement.
  • Put talent in the right departments: Improve your company's efficiency by matching employee talents with current needs.
  • Identify areas for growth and training: Help your employees reach their full potential.

The aptitude assessment also encourages employee engagement, fostering loyalty and trust. We offer our aptitude assessment services to clients worldwide. Contact us today to speak to us about creating an employee assessment for your organization.

The flagship of our system is the candidate profile with benchmarking.

This survey uses group-based opinions to help you evaluate the overall engagement of your employees. An engaged workforce is so essential to a company's long-term achievement; it is crucial that every measure is taken to understand a staff's level of engagement.

The Custom Survey is used to form opinions from a group based standpoint. By using general questions, you can create a survey for your designated groups and receive anonymous results and comments.

The I.Q. Assessment will demonstrate how well an applicant can reason and resolve problems.

Discover the candidate's personality type with this simple assessment.

Measures applicants in 11 different areas and provides insight into what type of salesperson they are. You will discover at which level their sales ability is, and in what areas they need additional development.

Assessment Benchmarking

Do you have employees who are performing well? We call these "top performers." Doesn't it make sense to hire more people like them? With the benchmarking capabilities of the P60, you can. Each time you run a candidate profile you have the opportunity to create, compare and utilize results to create accurate benchmarks to match your current employees. By using various existing and custom benchmarks to see how close the scores and personality types are, you will see in seconds if the applicant you are looking at "fits" the position and department. When you use benchmarking, it nearly triples your probability of hiring a top performer.

The P60 Candidate Profile report provides 8 to 18 pages of the applicant's character and talent traits along with what you may expect from the applicant. Assessments are a vital tool to help evaluate workplace performance. The report will help you make the right decisions as to whether this person is likely to be a top performer in the position they are under consideration for employment. It may also identify an area where you will need to offer direction and training both for candidates and existing employees.

Easy to Use and Implement
Our tools are available on-demand, online via our easy-to-use, intuitive Assessment Platform. The ability to send all of your assessments and surveys securely from your account to your employees is an essential feature. Send mass assessments of up to 100 applicants/employees at a single time and receive instant notification of completion via email. All assessments may be completed using any device with a web browser.