Maximize productivity in your meetings


We provide turn key meeting or retreat facilitation services. We work with you to ensure sessions are designed to meet your desired outcomes.

Kent Hutchison facilitating a meeting

Experience Facilitators

Our team works with you to create a productive experience.

Our team provides start to finish services for planning your retreat or meeting. We are skilled in meeting needs and producing results.

Understanding how critical it is for event to be effective, we focus on your established desired outcomes.

Following Stephen R. Covey's method of "beginning with the end in mind" and working backwards -- we try to ensure a session that will deliver the strongest results. By providing structure and removing most assumptions the goal is to provide a productive and effective session.

Group Workshop

Our process help create a productive and impactful session by:

  • Keeping everyone on track and focused 
  • Harnesss any harmful behaviors from participants
  • Keep everyone engaged
  • Building consensus
  • Building commitment for a forward-looking action plan