Maximize your time together by being purposeful and productive


We provide complete design and facilitation services for meetings and retreats of any size - half-day, full-day, and multi-day sessions, depending on your needs. Regardless of what type of meeting, event, or retreat you are planning, we strive to ensure your session is designed to maximize the time you have together and accomplish what you need to get done.

Kent Hutchison facilitating a meeting

Facilitators know the step-by-step approach to address a variety of core issues.

Our facilitators provide best-in-class service to any individual or group planning a meeting or session. Backed by consistently-positive client ratings, our facilitators are skilled in both mastering meeting needs and providing consultative guidance where needed.

Group Workshop

Your meetings no longer need to suffer.

Our skills in facilitation will help you:

  • Keep participants focused and on track
  • Quickly defuse difficult behaviors and minimize distractions
  • Skillfully deploy an array of engagement techniques
  • Develop consensus and bring a common vision to the surface
  • Build commitment for a workable, quantifiable action plan to move forward

Meetings We Facilitate

We work with organizations of all sizes, as well as government agencies, throughout the United States.


Taking your team offsite - away from workplace distractions - is an excellent way to step back, re-energize and re-engage your team. Whether your group consists of a board, leadership team, department, or the entire organization, engaging a neutral professional facilitator can be the difference between achieving exceptional results and a monumental waste of time and money. We can design and facilitate your next offsite retreat to include visioning, planning, goal- setting, team- or culture-building, brainstorming, problem-solving or whatever other elements best address your needs. Balancing productivity and fun, we ensure everyone participates, you stay focused on the topic at hand, your team is brought closer together as healthy collaboration occurs to meet shared objectives, and you get the most out of your investment in time and resources. Contact us today.


Organizations run on good ideas. As your facilitator, we act as a catalyst to spark your group's creativity.

We use a variety of facilitation and brainstorming techniques to get people thinking creatively, so ideas start to flow and real excitement occurs as the group moves forward to solve issues, plan initiatives, discuss growth strategies, and so much more.

You may be surprised at the innovation that results from creating the right environment and using a structured process to get your team's creative juices flowing. Contact us today.


Is your team operating as effectively as it can? If you need a little recalibrating to get everyone working effectively and in harmony, let us help. Our team effectiveness services begin with a thorough assessment of your team, its current effectiveness levels, and member's understanding of issues and challenges they face. We use a variety of activities, techniques, and technology to facilitate team building, team skill-building sessions, and team review sessions that identify opportunities, engage and refocus team members, improve communications, and foster greater productivity. Based on your specific situation, we will design a set of activities that help create a new way of working together that is interactive and purposeful - ensuring your team learns how to work together more effectively. Contact Us


Because we understand how important it is for your meetings and retreats to be efficient and effective, we work in partnership with you to do the right amount of planning and preparation before the meeting or retreat - focused on the outcomes you seek. We look at everything - even ensuring the environment is appropriate for your needs.

We start with the end in mind and work backward, managing every detail - from the agenda to the tools, materials, and activities - to ensure we facilitate creative processes that bring out the best in all participants. By providing structure and removing the guesswork, you will get the most productive and efficient use of your time and resources. Contact Us

We use a three-step process - customized for your unique needs and culture, as well as the people involved - to create and facilitate purposeful meetings and retreats. By providing end-to-end facilitation, we ensure the proper foundation is set for success, so you get the results you are looking for.

1Prepare & Design

Preparation is key to ensuring your meeting or retreat is a success. As part of the planning activities, we work with you to:

  • Define the meeting or retreat purpose and desired outcomes
  • Identify participants and their needs and expectations
  • Develop the pre-meeting or retreat communications
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Identify the ideal location and set up logistics
  • Co-design the agenda and activities

We will be spending a good deal of time with you before the meeting or retreat. This is when we get to know your organization and what you want to achieve during the time your team has together - as well as coordinate all the details.

2Facilitate Event

On the day of the meeting or retreat, we will guide you and your team through the agenda we created together. This will include:

  • Establishing meeting norms
  • Using decision-making tools and techniques
  • Encouraging full participation
  • Keeping participants focused and on track
  • Resolving conflicts and build consensus
  • Summarizing decisions, actions, and open items

We understand your meeting or retreat is unique; while we may use the same tried-and-true processes, the way we implement them will be based on your specific needs, culture, and desired outcomes.

3Report & Follow-Up

Our job is not quite done when the meeting or retreat has ended. Because we want to ensure all the work you did is memorialized and used moving forward, we will:

  • Evaluate what worked and what could have been done better
  • Prepare a final report documenting ideas generated and decisions made
  • Recommend next steps